I remember visiting Iceland 4 years ago. How excited we got about the black sand beaches there! Not just the famous Black Sand Beach with capitals (also known as Reynisfjara), but several more that we found on our way around the island. That was the first time we’ve seen black sand beaches, and no matter the chill, the wind and the fog (or the fact that none of them are for swimming), we were impressed!

Well, Tenerife’s beaches were similar and different at the same time. The Canary Islands are volcanic which means that Tenerife’s beaches are naturally grey or…

After spending a month with a toddler in Croatia (and after several Croatian beach holidays as a kid) it’s time to write about the best family-friendly beaches in Croatia. But first of all, are Croatian beaches in general suitable for kids? Lots of them are!

The Adriatic coastline of Croatia is the most indented in the Mediterranean which means it’s very protected. Waves are usually gentle, and you don’t need to worry about currents. Water is crystal clear, lots of beaches have the Blue Flag that indicates excellent water quality.

However, if you imagine your family-friendly beach with soft sand…

We travelled to Tenerife with our 1.5 years old boy in March and April. Though it was not a beach holiday (mainly because we can’t just lie on a beach for days, we’re yearning for being more active), it was a nature focused one, and we spent a lot of time on beaches. Sometimes full days, but more often a few hours in the afternoon once we finished our hike for the day.

It was definitely our little boy, Tomi who enjoyed the beaches the most. Sandy, pebbly, rocky, all was fun for him! Any beach is an easy thing…

Balaton Uplands National Park is our favorite in Hungary, and a lot of fellow Hungarians can relate to this. Amazing lake views? Check. Lush green forests? Check. Scenic trails? Check. Beaches? Of course, the northern shore of Lake Balaton! Culture? Food? Check, check. What else can you think of?

Balaton Uplands is a region that attracts hikers, sunbathers, wine lovers, families — or pretty girls who wish to take their Insta profile picture in a pretty dress with a lavender field (more on that later). Whether it’s nature, culture, food, wine or lazy beach time you’re after, you can find…

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